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Where to find us

How to recognise us

At Alicante airport, our staff wear purple coloured shirts and jackets with the Seguro Parking logo and will be waiting for you at the time you have booked. It's so purple that it is hard to miss... 

If you arrive early, late or simply cannot find us please call us on 722 252 372 (Between 11pm and 7am, please use 615 374 404.)

Flight information

Please give us as much notice as possible of your travel plans, always indicating the date and time of drop-off and the date, flight number and ETA of pick-ups. Changes to bookings can be made by telephone or email. We respond to all emails within 48 hours so if you do not hear back from us then it means that we have not received or seen your email.

Please arrive within the allotted time specified in your booking confirmation. If you are going to be more than 10 minutes late then please let us know with a phone call. 

In the event of any problem please call us on 639 081 067.

Alicante Airport


After you enter the airport area, please follow the signs “Eixides/Salidas/Departures/Taxi’s”, which will lead you up to the top level. Take care: the ramp to departures has a speed limit of 30km. The police regularly fine drivers for speeding. When you reach the departure level, park your car in front of the terminal in the free short-term parking zone next to the taxi rank.

Meeting point

Our meeting point is opposite departures at the short term car park (next to the taxi rank). Our staff with the purple shirts and jackets with the Seguro Parking logo will already be waiting for you if you are on time. If you don’t spot us right away, please don’t worry, because we will be there to attend you within 5 minutes.

If you printed the parking voucher (not compulsory), we will sign this for you, then we will collect car keys and you can proceed on your journey. It’s as simple as that!

While you are checking in, we will take your car to our compound, which is located next to the main airport terminal.


On your return we will catch up with you at the same spot to deliver your car back to you. After you have collected your luggage, please take the elevator to the second floor (departures). Take one of the exits, across the street towards the free short-term parking spaces and look out for your car and our rep with his purple outfit. He won’t be far away, mostly waiting for you next to your car. After our meeting you will be able to drive straight home. Fly & Drive!

Contact us | tel +34 950 459 208 or out of office hours 639 081 067 | email info@aaparking.es